Lesson #2 – Learn from your ancestors

Today is one of the hottest days since school was let out at the end of May.  UGH!  It’s 90° outside, but it feels so much hotter because the air is so thick,  the humidity is at 39 %!  So last night, after all our running around, at 10:30 pm I started making stuff to eat today.  My grandmother used to “pre-make” items the day before when she knew we were gonna have a hot day.

So I took her old recipes and last night made some of the things we would eat on a very hot day.  I made some rolls for strawberry shortcake, I boiled some eggs for egg-salad sandwiches and my favorite is Macaroni Salad! Yummm-O! We also made some Kool-Aid & Ice Tea gotta keep hydrated!!

This got me thinking about all the things that are handed down from our parents & grandparents. The way we eat food, the expressions we say, the things we like to read, hobbys & habits that they did and so many more.  My grandfather used to take lettuce pour sugar into it & roll it like a burrito and eat it, sounds nasty right, WRONG it’s soooo yummy!!  My husband tells me he loves banana & peanut butter sandwiches because he knew someone who liked them.  My son picked up an expression that my father used call everyone, “Hot Rod.”

What will we pass down?  What are the things that have been passed down & we don’t even know it?

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