Genealogy Gaps…

Recently a friend asked me to “teach” her how to find her ancestors… my advice was to “start with yourself, your parents, your grandparents, their siblings, their cousins… then you can dig deeper.” With that advice I realized that I have some major gaps in my more recent genealogy.

This photo of the girls by the old car is my grandma Lash with her siblings & cousins. I realize I have lots of empty spots under their names. I have filled out my grandma’s information but not her sisters or cousins. My grandma said it was taken at her mother’s (my great grandmother Elizabeth Webster) funeral, so it was in July 1921. Right to left I will place what I do know about each child in the photo.

Maxine M. Mohney (in the dirty looking dress, I think she is like me, I’m sure she was all clean & as soon as possible she got in the dirt… yep that’s how I was LOL!) She was born in 1916 in Michigan. She was the 3rd daughter of Nora Delle Webster & James Clarence Mohney. I found her in the 1930’s Census living with her sister Ruth & Ruth’s husband Clarence Cook in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, MI.  I found her marriage record in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, MI to March Carlton Haas on 12 Nov 1933.  According to the 1940’s Census she was living with her mother & step father Arthur & Nora Jackson and her husband March in Vicksburg, Kalamazoo, Michigan, it also states that in 1935 she lived in Kalamazoo.  I found her sister Ruth’s obit and Maxine had already past away, so I tried to find anymore information on her and I found on the Social Security Death Index the following information, She was born 19 Sept 1917, died 6 Jan 1989 and the State her SSN was issued was Iowa.
Alice Janetta Webster (in black dress with white colar – also photo to the right with Edith) born February 24, 1908 in Lawton, Van Buren County, MI oldest child to Bert Alvin Webster & Elizabeth Ann Tyrrell. I found her in the 1920 Census with her parents in Genesee County, MI. The first marriage record I found of her was to Richard Charles James Beck in Essex, Ontario, Canada at the age of 18, information about him & their marriage is hard to find and he remarried, they had one daughter Gertrude.  Sometime between 1930-1937 she married she married Ulric Albert Flintoff, I find her in the 1937 City Directory in Flint with Ulric.  She married Frank Glimos on July 26, 1947 in Genesee County, MI. He died in 1962 in Saginaw, Saginaw County, MI. Alice died March 1, 1977 in Genesee County, MI of cancer. She is buried in Grace Lawn Cemetery, Flint, Genesee County, MI (same cemetery as her parents). Alice & my grandmother Edith were very close & spent a lot of time together.

Ruth Carol Mohney (white’sh dress with the baby in front of her – mother Ruth Ann was named after her; the photo to the right is Ruth) was born December 3, 1909 in Lawton, Van Buren County, MI. The oldest child & daughter of Nora Delle Webster & James Clarence Mohney. First record I found of her was with her husband Clarence Cook in the 1930 Census in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, MI. Clarence & Ruth must have divorced, since he died in 1968 & she married Jack C. Haas in 1938 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, MI. Ruth died on March 26, 1999 at the Lifecare Center in Plainwell, Allegan County, MI, her funeral was held on March 28, 1999 at the Rupert, Durham, Marshall & Gren Funeral Home Vicksburg Chapel in Vicksburg, Kalamazoo County, MI. Ruth was buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Lawton, Van Buren County, MI (as well as her 2nd husband Jack.)
Rosetta “Betty” Webster (the baby in front of Ruth; she is the little girl to the right) born 5 months before her mother Elizabeth died on February 13, 1921 in Lawton, Van Buren County, MI. Youngest child/daughter to Bert Alvin Webster & Elizabeth Ann Tyrrell. She moved in with her Aunt Nora after her mother died. Betty died on September 24, 1929 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, MI of Primary Lobar Pneumonia (Aka: Tuberculous). I haven’t found where she is buried, but I am assuming Kalamazoo or Flint. I would love to find out more about her, but since she only lived 8 years, it’s harder.

Edith Irene Webster (in black sailer type outfit; this is my grandma Lash) she was born August 31, 1914 in Lawton, Van Buren County, MI. She is the second child/daughter of Bert Alvin Webster & Elizabeth Ann Tyrrell. She married Ray (Roy) Lash on December 31, 1936 at the Mt. Morris Methodist Church in Mt. Morris, Genesee County, MI. They had 12 children, and lived in Flint, Genesee County, MI until they moved to Chesaning, Saginaw County, MI in 1960’s. She lived in Chesaning until the time of her death on June 21, 2007, where she passed away at her home surrounded by loved ones. She is buried in Wildwood Cemetery in Chesaning, Saginaw County, MI next to her beloved husband Ray. I have many memories of my grandma. She told me that she loved hummingbirds because her mother loved them, that Elizabeth (called Lizzie) had a vine outside her kitchen window so the hummingbirds would come. Edith also loved butterflies because her mother thought they were beautiful.

The last child is Lurena W. Webster (she is looking down) she was born on August 14, 1919 most likely in Lawton, Van Buren County, MI (haven’t found the record, grandma told me the birthdates of her sisters). She was the 3rd child/daughter of Bert Alvin Webster & Elizabeth Ann Tyrrell. She married a Mr. Papple (can’t find any record of this yet), but when she married her 2nd husband Howard B. Welch on June 14, 1945 in Genesee County, MI she was Lurena Papple. Howard died in 1955 in Genesee County, MI & is buried in Gracelawn Cemetery in Flint, Genesee County, MI. Lurena later married Harry Quinn on September 22, 1984 in Genesee County, MI. Lurena was named after her mother’s sister Lurena Tyrrell & also my grandmother named one of her daughter’s Lurena. Lurena died January 19, 1996 in Genesee County, MI and is buried in Gracelawn Cemetery.

The following photo is of Bert & his 3 grown up daughters sometime in the early 1960’s, from left to right is Lurena, Bert, Edith & Alice.

How can a recipe help in your genealogy research??

Answer: While I will admit that most recipes you find have nothing to do with genealogy, I have discovered that they hold a strong connection with our past.  A friend of my family’s sent me this paper that she had.  She sent it to me because it was Grandma_Christmas Recipesmy Science homework from 6th grade.  On the back of it was two recipes that my grandmother would make every Christmas and her signature!!  The coolest thing is that these recipes disapeared after my grandma died in 2000 and I have been searching the web and trying different recipes to get just the right taste, to no avail I haven’t found a recipe that was close…. so my grandma’s recipe would be gone if not for this really cool science paper & a great family friend!! 🙂

If your just after names, dates & places – recipes & cookbooks may not be the place for you.  BUT if your after Family Traditions, recipes & cookbooks are a great resource.  Recipes passed down from generation to generation, from mother to child, shared with friends and everytime they are made memories are shared also.  I remember coming home (I lived with my grandma) and the house smelled so wonderful of grandma’s Christmas cookies, and digging into decorating them and eating them!  I remember her telling me stories of her mother making Christmas deserts and then tasting those same deserts made me feel like my great grandmother and great great grandmother was right there in that warm kitchen with us!  And now when I make the recipes I have & share them with my children it feels like my grandma, her mom & her grandma are with us in our warm kitchen!  That is a bond that will never leave!


Goodbye 2012 – Hello 2013!!

Happy New Year!!  This is the time of the year that everyone is making new year’s resolutions…. I refuse to make a resolution, mainly because I don’t like how I feel when I come up short in it, but also because I’m looking for real lasting change this year!  Not the kind you get from becoming organized, losing weight, or any of the other crazy resolutions people come up with!  Recently our Pastor preached about change, and how we can have outward change but that will not last… the kind of change we want is an inward, heart change that only God can give us!  That really spoke to me & made me start thinking about my ritual of making resolutions at this time of year, that I never stick to or I miss them all together!

This year I am making GOALS not resolutions!  I want certian things in my life…I want to lose weight, to be exact I want to lose 46 lbs to be at a healthy weight.  I started watching my calories back in September and I’ve lost almost 30 lbs already, so another 46 shouldn’t be hard at all!  I want to have a closer relationship with my kids, spend more time with them before they are done with school & off on their own – lets face it, time flies! I have a great relationship with my husband, but lets be honest here – we all could use a more united relationship with their spouse!  So to have those things I have created a few goals to achieve these things… so here they are!

  1. Exercise 45-60 minutes everyday!
  2. Eat more fruits & veggies and LESS sugary treats
  3. Have date night with each of my kids once a month
  4. Have family game/movie night once a week
  5. Pray for my kids & husband
  6. Date night with hubby
  7. Spending more time with my hubby & kids together

Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. What will you write in your book?

Much Love from Michigan, Sherry