How can a recipe help in your genealogy research??

Answer: While I will admit that most recipes you find have nothing to do with genealogy, I have discovered that they hold a strong connection with our past.  A friend of my family’s sent me this paper that she had.  She sent it to me because it was Grandma_Christmas Recipesmy Science homework from 6th grade.  On the back of it was two recipes that my grandmother would make every Christmas and her signature!!  The coolest thing is that these recipes disapeared after my grandma died in 2000 and I have been searching the web and trying different recipes to get just the right taste, to no avail I haven’t found a recipe that was close…. so my grandma’s recipe would be gone if not for this really cool science paper & a great family friend!! 🙂

If your just after names, dates & places – recipes & cookbooks may not be the place for you.  BUT if your after Family Traditions, recipes & cookbooks are a great resource.  Recipes passed down from generation to generation, from mother to child, shared with friends and everytime they are made memories are shared also.  I remember coming home (I lived with my grandma) and the house smelled so wonderful of grandma’s Christmas cookies, and digging into decorating them and eating them!  I remember her telling me stories of her mother making Christmas deserts and then tasting those same deserts made me feel like my great grandmother and great great grandmother was right there in that warm kitchen with us!  And now when I make the recipes I have & share them with my children it feels like my grandma, her mom & her grandma are with us in our warm kitchen!  That is a bond that will never leave!


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