WOW! I was Missing in Action!

My last post was on FEBRUARY 26, 2013 – whew!  I have so much to update our lives PicMonkey Collage (2)with! Personal updates & Genealogy updates!

The first thing is that I got pregnant! Yep, it finally happened after 21 years of marriage, & Dr’s telling me that I had a 1% chance of ever getting pregnant & if I did get pregnant I would never carry past 8 weeks.  I was sent to a High Risk OBGYN in our area.  I was super sick with morning sickness, why they call it that, I was so sick all day long for the first 4 months!  I went to 39 weeks in my pregnancy.

Here’s a photo of my pregnancy growth. I had so much confidence while pregnant.  I’ve always been overweight, in my eyes, but I did my best to hide it.  With being pregnant I didn’t hide it, I wore form fitting shirts & rocked that baby bump!  And I just kept getting bigger & bigger.  In the end the Dr’s said I had too amniotic fluid, that’s why I was so large & so uncomfortable!  I had trouble sleeping toward the end of my pregnancy, about 3-5 hours a night of broken up sleep & the closer I got the less sleep I got.


Like I said I was sick every day of my pregnancy almost all day long! The morning sickness turned into heart burn about the 6th month, which was just as bad as morning sickness.  I slowly watched as my feet & hands swelled.  Shaving got harder & harder.  I was miserable!  But how I’m missing it now!  My husband, Martin, was amazing! He made dinner every night because the only thing I could cook without getting sick was scrambled eggs & toast.  Meat made me sick to smell it cooking.  Zac & Sky said I was grumpy, & I guess I was.  But, in my defense, I was miserable & in a lot of pain. Martin & the kids picked up doing chores, such as laundry & dishes too, when I was put on bed rest.  I spent a lot of time on Pinterest looking up everything to do with babies, from what to pack in the hospital bag to photos to take at the hospital…

I had the weirdest cravings! When I was first pregnant I couldn’t get enough of the McDonald’s McGriddle sandwich with sausage, egg & cheese.  Then it went to Apple Pie.  I hated Apple Pie!  I never have liked the texture of cooked apples, but I couldn’t get enough of Apple Pie!  Nachos from my favorite local restaurant was also another thing I loved eating!  I craved hamburgers, even tho I couldn’t stand the smell of them cooking, I couldn’t get enough of hamburgers.  And it didn’t matter where I got them from…. McDonald’s, Red Robins, or at home, I wanted a big burger!  In the last couple months of my pregnancy all I wanted was chocolate & Orange Juice…. it came back to bite me with heart burn, but I wanted it anyways….

In June we had two showers.  First one was given by the ladies at our church, second by our families.  We were overwhelmed with gifts & love at both showers.   Below are some pics from those showers.

FamilyBabyShower  (64)

Cousin Bonnie & her grandson, Aunt Bertie, Me, Great Aunt Evelyn & Cousin Connie

And here she is…. Shelbi Elizabeth Carsten

 10642549_10152683791689507_1605784287_o  10639503_10152650102589507_674383492_o

Shelbi (204)

Shelbi was born on her great great aunt’s 90th birthday! So happy to have a photo of them together! Aunt Evelyn & Shelbi ❤

    Now Shelbi is over 3 months old & we are getting into a routine, if anyone out there knows how to hit the pause button or even the slow motion button let me know.