Richard Vincent & Elizabeth James

Richard Vincent, son of L Vincent (believed to be Levi), was born on 4 May 1810 in New York State USA, died on 26 Mar 1906 in Brant, Saginaw County,
Michigan, USA at age 95, and was buried on 28 Mar 1906 in Brant
Cemetery, Old Part, Brant, Saginaw County, MI.

Noted events in his life were:

  • Residence: Possibly?, 1836, Canada.
  • Arrival: 1836.
  • Residence: 30 Jun 1860, Port Huron, St Clair, Michigan, United States.
  • Residence: 1865, Port Huron, St Clair, Michigan, USA.
  • Residence: Residence Post Office: Owosso, 1870, Owosso Ward 4,
  • Shiawassee, Michigan, United States.
  • Residence: 5 Jun 1880, Brant, Saginaw, Michigan, United States.
  • Residence: 1900, Brant, Saginaw, Michigan.

Richard married Elizabeth James, daughter of John James and Jane Bolton, circa 1851.

Elizabeth James, daughter of John James and Jane Bolton, was born on 8 Jan 1832 in England, died on 8 Jul 1920 in Marion Springs, Saginaw County, Michigan, USA at age 88, and was buried on 10 Jul 1920 in Brant Cemetery, Old Part, Brant, Saginaw County, MI.

Children from this marriage were:

  1. Adeline Vincent was born on 11 May 1852 in Michigan, died on 20 Apr 1929 in Chapin, Saginaw, Michigan, USA at age 76, and was buried in Elsie, Clinton County, Michigan, USA.
  2. Louisa Vincent was born in 1854 in Michigan, died on 9 Sep 1890 in Owosso, Shiawassee County, MI at age 36, and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Owosso, Shiawassee County, MI.
  3. Levi Vincent was born on 10 Jun 1854 in Port Huron, St. Clair County, MI, died on 15 Jan 1929 in Marion Springs, Saginaw, Michigan, USA at age 74, and was buried on 18 Jan 1929 in Marion Twp Cemetery, Marion, Saginaw, MI, USA.
  4. Henry (Hank) Vincent was born in Oct 1859 in Michigan and died on 16 Oct 1944 in Saginaw, Saginaw, MI, USA at age 85.
  5. John R Vincent was born on 8 Mar 1860 in Port Huron, St Clair, Michigan, USA, died on 6 Mar 1945 in Owosso, Shiawassee, Michigan, USA at age 84, and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Owosso, Shiawassee County, MI.
  6. Mary Jane Vincent was born on 15 Jul 1865 in Michigan, died on 6 Oct 1932 in Wenatchee, Washington, USA at age 67, and was buried in East Wenatchee, Douglas County, Washington, USA. Another name for Mary was Mary Jane Vincent.
  7. James Vincent was born in Sep 1866 in Michigan and died circa 1900-1947 in Michigan, USA about age 34.
  8. William Grant Vincent was born on 8 Dec 1867 in Port Huron, St. Clair County, Michigan, USA, died on 27 Dec 1953 in Chesaning, Saginaw County, Michigan, USA at age 86, and was buried in Brant, Saginaw County, Michigan, USA.
And the organizing continues….

And the organizing continues….

There are many ways to organize your genealogy. Most people these days do most of their genealogy on computers and/or tablets, thanks to And I am all for that, I love Ancestry and if, God forbid, something should happen to my hard copies I am so thankful that I have most of my research on ancestry or on my laptops.

But I am an “old school” fan! I LOVE having the actual documents or photos in my hands! And after trying to share my genealogy with someone I have found that I wasn’t always good at organizing and sourcing my research. So I am bound and determined to work on that this month.

Here are some of my tips on organizing your hard copies of your research. You can research “old school” going to the library with a pen and notepad (and lots of coins for the copy machine), or you can research online and print out the documents or photos from the comfort of your own home…. either way you need to have a few things. I have multiple 3-ring binders, in various sizes but my most common is a 2 1/2-inch binder. I add writable Insertable Big Tab Dividers to the binder, I have one tab for each family unit. Then I us sticky notes and highlighters to help keep myself on track and for easy viewing. The photos below are examples of what I would buy, you should buy what you like and what works for you.

Here are some tips from The Family Curator that she wrote for her local genealogy society newsletter. My thoughts are in italics after each tip.

Ten Tips for Organizing Genealogy Research

  1. Sheet Control – Use standard 8 ½ x 11-inch paper for all notes and printouts. (You will curse yourself if you have loads of half sheets falling out your binder. Unless you use post-it notes.)
  2. Stay Single – One surname, one locality per sheet for easy filing. (It’s very hard to do this at times when your ancestors lived close together.)
  3. No Repeats – Avoid errors; write legibly the first time.
  4. Dating Yourself – Always write the current date on your research notes. (This will come in handing later when you source!)
  5. Be Color Clever – Distinguish family lines with different colored folders, binders, tabs. (I have used color for location not surnames, but I love this idea!)
  6. File First – File one research trip or effort before starting the next one.
  7. Ask Directions – Write your own filing instructions; a big help when you take a long break.
  8. Supply Closet – Keep a stash of folders, plastic sleeves, tabs, printer ink.
  9. One File at a Time – Work through paper piles steadily; the mess didn’t happen in one day.
  10. KISS – Keep It Simple, Silly! Use an easy to set up, easy to maintain system.

Some more organizing tips from the internet:

Until Next Time….


Making a Come-Back…

Making a Come-Back…

Hello Genealogy Friends….

I know it’s been a while since I last updated. Life has been crazy here in little old Michigan. Last year we moved to a little town near us. Let me tell you what if I never move again I will be happy!! No one ever tells ya how much WORK it is to move!!

Martin, Sherry, Skyleigh & Shelbi (22 June 2019)

My genealogy research got a renewed life thanks to Covid!! At the moment most of my genealogy is a third in the attic, a third in the living room and a third on my laptop. Like I said moving is HARD! And I found my genealogy files to be a hot mess!! So yeah that’s fun!!

What on is my Webster/Chagum line. Since I started researching this line in 1998, I’ve gotten to my 6th great grandfather James Chagum. James a Native American from Rhode Island. It is unclear who his father and mother are, at first it was thought that Great James Chagum and Jane Sands but it’s looking like Great James is his grandfather.

Drawing from the book: Legends of the Barkhamsted Lighthouse and Satan’s Kingdom in Hartford, CT by Lewis Mills, (Page 104)

Young James married Molly (Mary) Barber of Wethersfield, Connecticut. They had 8 children in all; Two boys Samuel who married Miss. Green of Sharon, CT and Solomon who married Miss Hayes & Ms. Sophia Bills. Six girls, two who never married Elizabeth who died in 1854 and Sally/Susie who died young. Meribah (aka: Mary) who married Samuel Lawerence. Hannah Sands who married Ruben Barber in 1784. Mercy married Isaac Jacklyn. Polly (aka: Mary) married William Preston Wilson Sr, who was a preacher (some say Baptist) and a school teacher, he also served in the Revolution War, he was lame possibly from battle of Monmouth.

It is so important to remember to cite your work and organize it in a way you understand. I am currently taking up most of my livingroom floor with two books of genealogy trying to figure out where I got the information, and how it fits in my line. Since the convience of tecnology I haven’t really had my hands on hard copies of my files in years, so this is becoming a huge chore for me today! Luckily my 6 year old is playing great in her room.

Until next time!