Summer is almost over…

And genealogy has stalled completely. I’m stuck. I’ve come to the preverbally dreaded BRICK WALL (Click to see my Brick Wall)! So I’ve done what any good genealogist has done… I’ve researched my friends genealogy, my husband’s genealogy, celebrities genealogy, strangers genealogy (yep I did that… I read an obit, and then researched their family).

Life in the Carsten home is never boring. We now have a child graduated from High School and a child now graduated from Kindergarten. Sky is working two jobs, and planning on going to SVSU in a year. Shelbi is enjoying summer and being a kid. Marty & I haven’t gone on many bike rides, but we plan to soon, but working takes a lot of his time.

Skyleigh & Shelbi – our graduates.

We had a great Carsten Family Campout in early July, got to visit with family from Texas and Florida that we haven’t seen in a long time. We also celebrated my sister n’ law who passed away April 2021.

The Carsten clan…. July 2021

Here’s to getting through the BRICK WALLS… and finding our ancestors….