Mysterious Photo

I found in the midst of the old box of photos I found at our family reunion a mysterious photo of a sharply dressed man with sharp eyes. The back of the photo had a very cheeky inscription on it. It looks to be taken about 1950-60s.


If anyone has any idea who this man is and how he is connected to the Lash family from Flint, Genesee County, Michigan, please let me know.

Summer means Family Reunions….

Summertime in Michigan in my childhood always meant uncomfortable family reunions, where I didn’t know anyone but my parents or grandparents. As an adult, I love them!!

My beautiful Aunt Mary…. you can see me digging through a box of old photos behind her! ūüôā (Pic credit: Connie Rolland)

I am usually the one sitting with my head stuck in a genealogy book or digging through old photos. Or writing down information about an old family member.

There is so much to gain by just sitting and listening to the stories the older generation has to say. Even if your not interested in genealogy, knowing the stories from your family is so important.

My Aunt Linda usually has the LASH reunion at her house, and this summer we were afraid it wouldn’t happen. I am so excited to share that it did happen!!


Lash Children

About 1948 (minus Franklin who passed away in 1944, and the youngest 4, Linda, Pauline, David and Robert)
(2007) standing: Robert, Pauline, David, Ada, Ray, Linda, Jack. Sitting: RuthAnn and Mary (missing Lurena who died in 2002 and Dan who died in 1964)
(2017) Left to right: Pauline, Linda, Ray, Ada (Ann) & Mary
(2020) Aunt Mary, Uncle Ray, Aunt Linda & Aunt Pauline


Lash Grandkids

1985? Older kids standing in the back: Shelly, Kerri, Sherry (me), Lisa, Johnny, LaDawn; little kids in the front: ?, Gary, Larry, Grandma with baby?, and Peter
2020 Standing: Ronda, Daniel, Sue, Dan, Tammy, Chrystal, Tim, Kerri, Wade, Johnny, Danny (yes we have a lot of Dan’s they are all named after uncle Danny who died in 1964) kneeling down is Sherry (me) and Lisa

And just look at the photos I got to bring home!!!!!

John Henry Lash and Cordelia Lane Family

John Henry Lash

  • Born: 20 August 1869; Richfield, Genesee County, MI
  • Married: 6 June 1892*; Richfield, Genesee County, MI (20 Sep 1892*)
  • Divorce Filed: 15 November 1912; Saginaw, Saginaw County, MI
  • Divorce Final: 20 January 1913; Saginaw, Saginaw County, MI
  • Died: 27 June 1942; Flint, Genesee County, MI
  • Cause of Death: Cerebral Hemorrhage
  • Buried: City Cemetery, Flint, Genesee County, MI (*No headstone)
  • Adopted by Lyman C. Lash and Mary Rienhart
  • Bio parents Phoebe Lash Dowd and maybe William Dowd.

Census & Directory Records for John Henry Lash

  • 1870: Richfield, Genesee County, MI (with Lyman & Mary Lash as Frederick Lash, age 9 months)
  • 1880: Richfield, Genesee County, MI (with Lyman & Mary Lash as John Lash, age 10)
  • 1900: Juniata Twp., Tuscola County, MI (Head of House, Age 31)
  • 1910: Juniata Twp., Tuscola County, MI (Head of House, Age 41)
  • 1912: Flint, Genesee County, MI (John & Delia Lash, Harrison St. Age 43)
  • 1918: Flint, Gensee County, MI (John Lash, Michigan Ave., Age 49)
  • 1920: Flint, Genesee County, MI (Head of House, Age 51)
  • 1921: Flint, Genesee County, MI (John Lash, Utah Ave. Age 52)
  • 1925: Flint, Genesee County, MI (John Lash, Rosedale Ave. Age 56)
  • 1930: Mt Morris, Genesee County, MI (Head of House, Age 61)
  • 1940: Flint, Genesee County, MI (Head of House; Pasadena Ave., Age 82)

Cordelia (Delia) Lane

  • Born: August 1873; Hadley, Lapeer County, MI
  • Married: 6 June 1892; Richfield, Genesee County, MI (or 20 Sep 1892)
  • Divorce Filed: 15 November 1912; Saginaw, Saginaw County, MI
  • Divorce Final: 20 January 1913; Saginaw, Saginaw County, MI
  • Died: 12 April 1914; Saginaw, Saginaw County, MI
Divorce record of John & Delia Lash

John & Delia had 5 sons. Lyman Jay, Lyle Dee, Fred, Edward Charles, and Ray. Lyman went by Jay and married Sarah White. Lyle went by the name Dee, passed away during WW1. Fred died young. Edward married Doris Derk. And Ray, my grandfather married Edith Webster.

When I started researching my family tree, my maternal grandfather had a brother that was in the 1900 & 1910 Census that disappeared after 1910 along with his mother Cordeila (Delia) Lash. I can’t find for certain what happened to Delia (I have a clue, but nothing for certain yet) but as for Fred I have found these documents…

Saginaw News; PG: 4

Whisper Through Time

Shelbi5Months_edited (17)

Shelbi’s 5 month photo


As winter¬†quickly approaches I am spending more time researching and less time on Facebook. ¬†Christmas will be so¬†much fun with a 5 month old in the house. ¬†Shelbi is starting to sleep through the night, YAY! ¬†Napping we haven’t¬†gotten down yet…

The focus of my research has been on, and checking out their “hints” for family members.¬† Back in April my husband got me a 6 month membership for my birthday.¬† It’s been AWESOME!! I love it!!¬† I have started to connect the Lash & Lane¬†lines together!¬† And as always, collecting & researching stuff for the Barkhamsted Lighthouse tribe (That’s the Webster, Wilson, Chagum line).

My main focus are finding a few brick walls.

Mary J. Reinhart (also spelled Rinehart) was born in December 1831 in New York. She married Lyman C. Lash on December 9, 1848, in Grand Blanc, Genesee, Michigan. They had five children in 20 years.  She is in the 1850 Census in Atlas, Genesee, Michigan with her husband & newborn daughter Emily.  1860 Census in Oregon, Lapeer, Michigan with her husband & 3 children Emily, Jane & George.  1870 Census in Richfield, Genesee, Michigan with her husband & two children George & newborn named Frederick (who is their adopted child named John Henry Lash).  1880 Census in Richfield with her husband & son John.  Their children were (from oldest to youngest) Emily, Jane, Hester, George & adopted son John.   She died in 1893 in Michigan, at the age of 61, and was buried in Union Cemetery, Richfield, Genesee, Michigan.

And speaking of Mary & Lyman’s adopted son John Henry Lash another of my brick wall is John’s birth mother. ¬†Phoebe Lash Dowd. ¬†Phoebe Lash was born on October 24, 1841, in Ontario, New York, the only child found of William Lash (according to her death certificate). ¬†In the US Census 1850 & 1860 she lived with Austin Felt & Betsy (Nee: Lash) Felt in New York as Phoebe Lash. ¬†She married William John Dowd between¬†1865-1866¬†and they had two children together, Etta Elena Dowd (1866¬†‚Äst1941) & John Henry Lash (1869¬†‚Äst1942). Sometime before John was born William Dowd died of gangrene. ¬†In 1870 she & Etta lived in Genesee County, Michigan with Austin & Betsy again. ¬†She then married William E. Lash (son of Morgan Lash & Lydia Brown) and they had four children together between 1875 and 1883. Their children were (from oldest to youngest) Cora A., Olive,¬†Francelia, & Peter Irving.¬†She died on February 24, 1917, in Wolcott, New York, at the age of 75, and was buried in Wayne, New York.