Whisper Through Time

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Shelbi’s 5 month photo


As winter quickly approaches I am spending more time researching and less time on Facebook.  Christmas will be so much fun with a 5 month old in the house.  Shelbi is starting to sleep through the night, YAY!  Napping we haven’t gotten down yet…

The focus of my research has been on www.ancestry.com, and checking out their “hints” for family members.  Back in April my husband got me a 6 month membership for my birthday.  It’s been AWESOME!! I love it!!  I have started to connect the Lash & Lane lines together!  And as always, collecting & researching stuff for the Barkhamsted Lighthouse tribe (That’s the Webster, Wilson, Chagum line).

My main focus are finding a few brick walls.

Mary J. Reinhart (also spelled Rinehart) was born in December 1831 in New York. She married Lyman C. Lash on December 9, 1848, in Grand Blanc, Genesee, Michigan. They had five children in 20 years.  She is in the 1850 Census in Atlas, Genesee, Michigan with her husband & newborn daughter Emily.  1860 Census in OregonLapeerMichigan with her husband & 3 children Emily, Jane & George.  1870 Census in Richfield, Genesee, Michigan with her husband & two children George & newborn named Frederick (who is their adopted child named John Henry Lash).  1880 Census in Richfield with her husband & son John.  Their children were (from oldest to youngest) Emily, Jane, Hester, George & adopted son John.   She died in 1893 in Michigan, at the age of 61, and was buried in Union Cemetery, Richfield, Genesee, Michigan.

And speaking of Mary & Lyman’s adopted son John Henry Lash another of my brick wall is John’s birth mother.  Phoebe Lash Dowd.  Phoebe Lash was born on October 24, 1841, in Ontario, New York, the only child found of William Lash (according to her death certificate).  In the US Census 1850 & 1860 she lived with Austin Felt & Betsy (Nee: Lash) Felt in New York as Phoebe Lash.  She married William John Dowd between 1865-1866 and they had two children together, Etta Elena Dowd (1866 – 1941) & John Henry Lash (1869 – 1942). Sometime before John was born William Dowd died of gangrene.  In 1870 she & Etta lived in Genesee County, Michigan with Austin & Betsy again.  She then married William E. Lash (son of Morgan Lash & Lydia Brown) and they had four children together between 1875 and 1883. Their children were (from oldest to youngest) Cora A., OliveFrancelia, & Peter Irving. She died on February 24, 1917, in Wolcott, New York, at the age of 75, and was buried in Wayne, New York.

Dancing Machine

Our church threw a Couple’s Night Out Dance.  It was on February 22, 2013.  Hubby & I had a GREAT night!!  He was looking soooo HOT!! I am one lucky woman!!

 photo 100_0286_zps40a3ad56.jpg

Here’s a pic of us with my hubby’s sister & her hubby…

 photo 100_0314_zpse669fddc.jpg

And here’s one with our good friend’s Dawn & Dennis.  I love it when you have that one friend that no matter how long you’ve been a part it’s like you’ve never been a part!!  That’s Dawn for me!  And not only that she brings out my inner goof! LOL!  I noticed my necklace was crooked… but then so was hers…. thanks for having my back sis!

 photo 100_0365_zps49ff5b85.jpg

Marty danced with me all night long!!  I ended up taking all my jewelry off… it was so hot!!  I would have never taken my jacket off or asked to have my photo taken!! What a change!

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The food was amazing!!

 photo crys2_zps6be6acb7.jpg

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And here’s another one of me & Marty!!

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Goodbye 2012 – Hello 2013!!

Happy New Year!!  This is the time of the year that everyone is making new year’s resolutions…. I refuse to make a resolution, mainly because I don’t like how I feel when I come up short in it, but also because I’m looking for real lasting change this year!  Not the kind you get from becoming organized, losing weight, or any of the other crazy resolutions people come up with!  Recently our Pastor preached about change, and how we can have outward change but that will not last… the kind of change we want is an inward, heart change that only God can give us!  That really spoke to me & made me start thinking about my ritual of making resolutions at this time of year, that I never stick to or I miss them all together!

This year I am making GOALS not resolutions!  I want certian things in my life…I want to lose weight, to be exact I want to lose 46 lbs to be at a healthy weight.  I started watching my calories back in September and I’ve lost almost 30 lbs already, so another 46 shouldn’t be hard at all!  I want to have a closer relationship with my kids, spend more time with them before they are done with school & off on their own – lets face it, time flies! I have a great relationship with my husband, but lets be honest here – we all could use a more united relationship with their spouse!  So to have those things I have created a few goals to achieve these things… so here they are!

  1. Exercise 45-60 minutes everyday!
  2. Eat more fruits & veggies and LESS sugary treats
  3. Have date night with each of my kids once a month
  4. Have family game/movie night once a week
  5. Pray for my kids & husband
  6. Date night with hubby
  7. Spending more time with my hubby & kids together

Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. What will you write in your book?

Much Love from Michigan, Sherry

Does life ever slow down?

Good afternoon people!  I have been so busy since summer ended.  I finally got my bedroom organized (somewhat!? LOL), I started losing weight – I’m at 27 lbs lost now!!  Football season started, which kept us busy for 6 out of the 7 days during the week!! Thank God that’s over now!  My daughter was injured doing a flip in October and we are still battling on figuring out what it is.  So sadly to say no genealogy is getting done!  I’ve gotten no couponing done!!! And I’ve barely kept up with my cleaning calendar… but things have got to slow down right?!?!?!

Here’s a before & after pic of me, everyone says they can really tell, me… I still see all the flaws! LOL!!  Ok well I gotta go eat lunch, clean the livingroom & then workout!!  Everyone have a great day!!