Making a Come-Back…

Making a Come-Back…

Hello Genealogy Friends….

I know it’s been a while since I last updated. Life has been crazy here in little old Michigan. Last year we moved to a little town near us. Let me tell you what if I never move again I will be happy!! No one ever tells ya how much WORK it is to move!!

Martin, Sherry, Skyleigh & Shelbi (22 June 2019)

My genealogy research got a renewed life thanks to Covid!! At the moment most of my genealogy is a third in the attic, a third in the living room and a third on my laptop. Like I said moving is HARD! And I found my genealogy files to be a hot mess!! So yeah that’s fun!!

What on is my Webster/Chagum line. Since I started researching this line in 1998, I’ve gotten to my 6th great grandfather James Chagum. James a Native American from Rhode Island. It is unclear who his father and mother are, at first it was thought that Great James Chagum and Jane Sands but it’s looking like Great James is his grandfather.

Drawing from the book: Legends of the Barkhamsted Lighthouse and Satan’s Kingdom in Hartford, CT by Lewis Mills, (Page 104)

Young James married Molly (Mary) Barber of Wethersfield, Connecticut. They had 8 children in all; Two boys Samuel who married Miss. Green of Sharon, CT and Solomon who married Miss Hayes & Ms. Sophia Bills. Six girls, two who never married Elizabeth who died in 1854 and Sally/Susie who died young. Meribah (aka: Mary) who married Samuel Lawerence. Hannah Sands who married Ruben Barber in 1784. Mercy married Isaac Jacklyn. Polly (aka: Mary) married William Preston Wilson Sr, who was a preacher (some say Baptist) and a school teacher, he also served in the Revolution War, he was lame possibly from battle of Monmouth.

It is so important to remember to cite your work and organize it in a way you understand. I am currently taking up most of my livingroom floor with two books of genealogy trying to figure out where I got the information, and how it fits in my line. Since the convience of tecnology I haven’t really had my hands on hard copies of my files in years, so this is becoming a huge chore for me today! Luckily my 6 year old is playing great in her room.

Until next time!