Summer means Family Reunions….

Summertime in Michigan in my childhood always meant uncomfortable family reunions, where I didn’t know anyone but my parents or grandparents. As an adult, I love them!!

My beautiful Aunt Mary…. you can see me digging through a box of old photos behind her! 🙂 (Pic credit: Connie Rolland)

I am usually the one sitting with my head stuck in a genealogy book or digging through old photos. Or writing down information about an old family member.

There is so much to gain by just sitting and listening to the stories the older generation has to say. Even if your not interested in genealogy, knowing the stories from your family is so important.

My Aunt Linda usually has the LASH reunion at her house, and this summer we were afraid it wouldn’t happen. I am so excited to share that it did happen!!


Lash Children

About 1948 (minus Franklin who passed away in 1944, and the youngest 4, Linda, Pauline, David and Robert)
(2007) standing: Robert, Pauline, David, Ada, Ray, Linda, Jack. Sitting: RuthAnn and Mary (missing Lurena who died in 2002 and Dan who died in 1964)
(2017) Left to right: Pauline, Linda, Ray, Ada (Ann) & Mary
(2020) Aunt Mary, Uncle Ray, Aunt Linda & Aunt Pauline


Lash Grandkids

1985? Older kids standing in the back: Shelly, Kerri, Sherry (me), Lisa, Johnny, LaDawn; little kids in the front: ?, Gary, Larry, Grandma with baby?, and Peter
2020 Standing: Ronda, Daniel, Sue, Dan, Tammy, Chrystal, Tim, Kerri, Wade, Johnny, Danny (yes we have a lot of Dan’s they are all named after uncle Danny who died in 1964) kneeling down is Sherry (me) and Lisa

And just look at the photos I got to bring home!!!!!

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